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It's been a busy weekend for the hotshots around Flagstaff.

Schultz Fire - June 20, 2010

This one gave me a fright when I opened the kitchen window on the north side of our house this afternoon. For a couple seconds I thought that our summer monsoon had gotten a very unexpected start, but then I noticed the yellow and brown coloration and gasped at how close and large it was. The updraft was strong enough that it was pushing up a hedge of white pyrocumulus along the roiling top of the smoke column. Rather than clog up Highway 89 any further, we headed east along old Rt. 66 to get a vantage point near the Walnut Canyon overpass. We pulled of the road and watched the slurry bombers and helicopters drifted across the angry wall of smoke. I spent a few minutes shooting a time lapse of the breathing cloud of blue and brown smoke. Be sure to click the images for larger versions.

Schultz Fire erupts behind our house.

Schultz Fire Panorama from Rt. 66.

Close view of the base of the Schultz Fire.

Time lapse of the Schultz Fire. Select the 480px size for the best quality.

Hardy Fire - June 19, 2010

This one started yesterday, Saturday June 19, on the south side of town where it forced the evacuation of Little America Hotel and a few surrounding homes. I first noticed some white whisps of smoke shortly after lunchtime and within a couple hours it was shooting up a fierce smoke column. I drove to one of our office locations on 4th street to get some photos of the air tankers and helicopters orbiting the blaze. Click images for large versions.

Air tanker crosses the Hardy Fire.

Close view of Hardy Fire air tanker.

Wildfire copter maneuvers around the Hardy Fire.