Wide Field Auriga Milky Way - November 5, 2005

One of the images I shot on November 5, 2005 focuses on the Milky Way around the constellation of Auriga.

Clicking this image will take you to a larger image that has a rollover graphic showing labels for visible DSOs and constellations. (Combined size of the image and rollover is about 650K.)

A few magnified views:

Region around the California Nebula and Pleiades. NGC 1514 is more obvious in this enlargement.

Region around the horns of Taurus. M1 is more obvious in this enlargement.

Region around the Double Cluster in Perseus. A number of DSO's crowd this area and are better visible in this view.

Region around M35, showing the NGC 2174 emission nebula surrounding the NGC 2175 open cluster.

I still hope to track down designations for the various, large, dark nebulae that streak this area.

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