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Messier 22

Click image for larger version. Observation Notes: I was feeling pretty worn out when I made the trip to Anderson Mesa and wasn't sure that I wanted to tackle a monster observation like M22. But I'm glad now that I did. It really called for a lot more detail than...

Alpha Scorpii (Antares / GNT 1)

Click image for larger version. Observation Notes: The goal of splitting the double star, Antares, has been tempting me for a while. I never have the sort of seeing conditions that would make it a nice clean observation. So I gave it a try on this less-than-perfect evening, and was...
Move mouse over sketch to view labels. Click sketch for larger image. Observation Notes: C/2006 VZ13 is a pleasantly bright comet and has been easily visible with 15 x 70 binoculars from my backyard for the last week when clouds haven't been in the way. Telescopically, it was large...

NGC 5873

Move mouse over sketch to simulate sliding in the OIII filter. Observation Notes: I got my first look at this diminutive planetary nebula through Eric Graff's 6" f/6 reflector. He was using a filter slider with an OIII filter in one slot. By sliding the filter in and out,...

NGC 5824

Click the image for a larger version. Observation Notes: NGC 5824 was one of the bright objects that Eric Graff had proposed observing in the southern sky. It was a beautiful globular. Through Eric's scope, I thought I could detect some granularity in it. But when I made the observation...

NGC 5419

Observation Notes: This little elliptical galaxy had a strongly condensed core, and appeared to be elongated at a PA of about 120° and a diameter of about 2 arcminutes. According to the DSS image, its outer halo looks more like a PA of 80°. Object Information NGC 5419 was...

NGC 5128 (Centaurus A)

Observation Notes: This was probably the fourth time I've made a telescopic observation of Centaurus A, but I finally got down to business and made a sketch this time. I was observing at Cinder Hills Overlook with Eric Graff, his family, David Sanders, and Scott & Dena Garfinkel. Everybody...

4 Centauri (Herschel 51)

Observation Notes: After a blustery evening attempting to observe at Cinder Hills Overlook (Sunset Crater National Monument), I gave 4 Centauri a try. At low power, this double appeared to have a cream colored primary and a blue-gray secondary. At 240X however, the color of the primary appeared to...

Sigma Coronae Borealis (Struve 2032)

Click image for larger version. Observation Notes: Sigma Coronae Borealis was a beautiful multiple star. The primary was a rich yellow with a reddish purple secondary right next to it. A third component (the D star) lingered to the east. The two closest stars, A and B, were separated by...

Zeta Coronae Borealis (Struve 1965)

Click image for larger version. Observation Notes: This bright double in Corona Borealis provided me with a huge challenge when it came to determining the color of the primary star. At first it appeared cyan, then white, then lime green, before settling at what seemed like pale yellow. Seeing was...

Mu Bootis (Struve 28 / 1938)

Click image for larger version. Observation Notes: I wasn't prepared for what a pleasant surprise this 'double' star was at high magnification when the B star turned out to be a close double itself. The yellow primary appeared to be separated from the BC combo by about 120 arcseconds. The...

Delta Boötis (Struve 27)

Observation Notes: The constellation of Boötes is chock full of bright, colorful double stars. Delta Boötis is a wide double that presented me with an interesting color scheme. PA appeared to be about 78 degrees, and separation about 144 arcseconds. Actual values are 78 degrees (Yes!) and 104.9 arcseconds....

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