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Messier 92

Observation Notes: I didn't realize how nice this globular cluster would look. It stood up well to magnification, with stars resolving across the face of the cluster. It appeared noticeably elliptical in its outer reaches, pointing southwest to northeast. The core was soft but robust. It seemed that the...

Messier 56

Observation Notes: Although it was hard taking my eyes off Alberio, I managed to find M56. The globular looked soft and round at 48X. I used the 25 mm, 10 mm, and 10 mm + 2X Barlow to view it. The 25 mm (48 X) just started to show...
There's been a triple-conjunction in the works the past couple weeks. Saturn, Venus and Mercury have been edging closer to each other. On the way back from a trip to Oklahoma, we spotted the trio forming a nice line along the ecliptic at sunset about 50 miles outside Flagstaff. I...
Move mouse over image to view labels. This was a daytime observation to see what I could make out naked-eye on the moon. So far, I haven't put much effort into memorizing the major lunar features. I was surprised at the number of features I could distinguish without optical...

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