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Identifying Members of Hickson 70

If you are a galaxy cluster chaser, you've probably been rummaging through the Hickson clusters on a regular basis. I am not a seasoned Hickson observer--not even close. The only one I've tracked down is Hickson 92: Stephan's Quintet...and even then, I wasn't able to see all 5 members. An...

Delta Geminorum (Struve 1066)

Click image for larger version Observation Notes: This double provided a great contrast in magnitude. The secondary was far enough away to not be heavily overpowered by the primary. The 3.5 magnitude primary appeared pale yellow, and the 8.5 magnitude secondary hinted at a dull red color. Since my measurements...
Move mouse over sketch above to see comparison detail illustration from January 2007. Click the image for a larger version. About 38 light years away in the constellation Virgo, this pair of twin stars orbit one another once every 169 years. When I last observed them in January 2007,...
I've had my 15 x 70 Oberwerk binoculars for nearly a year now and have really enjoyed observing with them. In September, I started putting them to use on the Messier catalog. My goal was to see if I could observe all 110 objects from home, with as little fuss...
Last Sunday night, my daughter asked if we could bring out the telescope and do some stargazing. Boy was that the kick in the caboose I needed! (As you can see by the M64 sketch I managed later that night.) As I brought the Dob out the front door, I...

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