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Messier 98 (NGC 4192)

Sketch of Messier 98 (NGC 4192)Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: M98 had a distinct core, although it didn't appear stellar. It was aligned at a PA of about 160 degrees. The southwest edge was sharpest and it was brightest along the southeast spine. I couldn't detect any...
The June issue of Astronomy Now is now available. This month's column features the colorful double, Struve 2259 in Hercules. Subject:Struve 2259 Issue:June 2009 Astronomy Now Basic Media:White ink marker, white pastel and colored pastel pencil on black paper. Featured Technique:Using white ink along with white and colored pastel to...
I met Steve Coe for an enjoyable evening of deep sky observing at Anderson Mesa Saturday night. Steve brought his 6 inch f/8 Celestron refractor and a list of galaxies in Corvus that he wanted to polish off. I had a pending appointment with M101. Steve brought along a nice...

Messier 99 (NGC 4254)

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Sketch of Messier 99 (NGC 4254)Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: M99 was difficult to examine, but definitely rewarding. It appeared circular and moderately condensed at first glance. I switched from 120X to 240X and back to try to pick out structure. A star on the edge of...
H-Alpha Solar Sketch Move mouse over sketch above to view labelsClick image for larger version. Observation Notes: The solar limb extruded a fantastic prominence today at PA 210 degrees. It took the shape of a calligrapher's X, or perhaps something like a Cretaceous claw reaching over from the Sun's...

Messier 49 (NGC 4472)

Sketch of Messier 49 (NGC 4472)Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: M49 was elongated at a PA of about 170 degrees and steadily condensed toward the center. The core appeared stellar and made a notable pair with a star 1 arc minute to the east. The galaxy appeared...

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