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SEP 2009 - Jupiter

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The September issue of Astronomy Now features Jupiter and the impact region that appeared in July 2009. The column describes methods that can be used to create a graphite sketch of the planet and its moons. Subject:Jupiter, Impact Scar, Callisto and Shadow Transit Issue:September 2009 Astronomy Now Basic Media:Graphite on...

ISS - SEP 28, 2009

Just 2 days after a great pass on Saturday night, the ISS made another flyover at an even higher altitude (86 degrees). Interestingly, this made it easier to track, since the dob required very little rotating as I followed it up and down. I managed to navigate Dobson's hole without...

Solar H-Alpha: SEP 27, 2009 - 21:15 UT

H-Alpha Solar Sketch Move mouse over sketch above to view labelsClick image for larger version. Observation Notes: A beautiful set of proms and dynamic active regions decorated the sun today. AR 1027 was alive and three regions fizzed with pores amid a network of plages and filaments. These spots...

ISS - SEP 26, 2009

The ISS made a brilliant pass over Flagstaff last night, culminating at 81 degrees. The kids came outside with their friends to watch while I contorted around the Dobsonian shooting photos with the Canon 300D. As before, pivoting around Dobson's Hole and reacquiring the racing, coppery point of light was...

Messier 91 (NGC 4548)

Sketch of Messier 91 (NGC 4548)Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: M91 appeared circular with a strongly condensed core. A prominent bar crossed the disc at a PA of about 80 degrees. The western half of this bar appeared to be a bit brighter. I couldn't detect any...

Messier 88 (NGC 4501)

Sketch of Messier 88 (NGC 4501)Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: During the first few minutes of my observation, M88 appeared to be simply an elongated galaxy with a strongly condensed core aligned at about 135 degrees. After much time glued to the eyepiece, the northwest and southern...
Sketch of Messier 87 (NGC 4486), NGC 4478, NGC 4476Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: Large, bright elliptical galaxy M87 appeared to be aligned at a PA of 100 degrees. It's core appeared stellar, and it shared the field with 2 other galaxies. The next brightest, NGC 4478...

Messier 85 (NGC 4382) and NGC 4394

Sketch of Messier 85 (NGC 4382) and NGC 4394Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: This was a great pair to observe. M85 had a stellar core and was mildly elongated at a PA of about 25 degrees and appeared to be about 4 x 3 arc minutes in...

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