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Observation Notes: Well, the time seemed about right to redo the sketch of this amazing globular cluster. Visually, the cluster displays curving arcs of stars that give it the appearance of a hanging fern, or even a crawling spider. Stars, faint to bright, were resolved right across the surface....
Move mouse over images to see labels. Observation Notes This evening, 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 C was due to brush past M57 by just 3.5 arc minutes at 03:00 UT (8 PM MST). Unfortunately, Lyra was just beginning to crest the horizon at 8 pm. I finally got a good look...
Saturday night, May 6th, was Astronomy Day. This synched up nicely with the CAS meeting at Lowell Observatory. I was scheduled to give a 10 minute presentation on Astro Imaging. I got a little ambitious with the presentation, and coupled with being last-guy-on-the-program, I had to really burn through it,...

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