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Epsilon Hydrae (Struve 1273)

Observation Notes: This was a great double to observe. The primary is a bright, third magnitude pale yellow star with a much fainter seventh magnitude, blue-gray companion resting right up against it. When the seeing was choppy, this secondary disappeared into the overpowering wash of yellow. I thought it...

Zeta Cancri (Struve 1196)

Observation Notes: This was a great triple star. The central diffraction discs of the A and B components appeared to just touch at a position angle of about 68 degrees, which works out to a separation of about .9 arc seconds. These 2 stars were pale yellow in color...

Iota Cancri (Struve 1268)

Observation Notes: Iota Cancri was a wide double with a brilliant yellow primary and a rich blue secondary. The PA appeared to be 315° (actual WDS value is 307°). Separation looked like about 55 arc seconds, but the WDS value is actually 30.4 arc seconds. SubjectIota Cancri (STF 1268)...
Move mouse over image to see labels. Observation Notes: I set the scope up outside the front door to have a look at AR0923. I got a chance to show Amanda and the kids the view. Harrison thought it was pretty cool, but sunspots don't easily beg people to...

Mercury - Solar Transit

Move mouse over image to see labels. Click here to view large image (52K) Observation Notes: On Wednesday, November 8th, 2006, Mercury was due for a solar transit. Now, in my neck of the woods, that just happens to be a work day. So I planned to set up...

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