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Tonight, I met Bill Ferris, Padraig Houlahan, James Wallace, and another observer named Tim for an observing session down the hill at the Beaver Creek Trailhead near the Sedona exit on I-17. The idea was to get down off the mountain for some more humane temperatures. Bill brought his 18"...
Click above image for larger version.  Rollover Comparison Graphic: Move your cursor over this image to see comparison photo. (Comparison photo courtesy of NOAO/AURA/NSF and STScI/AURA/NASA.) Observation Notes: It's been nearly a year since my first observation of Barnard 33, and I wanted to have another serious go at it....

C/2005 E2 (McNaught) - January 22, 2006

Note: There are many comets with the name "McNaught" assigned to them. If you are looking for information on the bright twilight comet visible in January 2007, I have an observation and sketches available here: C/2006 P1 (McNaught). The observation on this page is for C/2005 E2 (McNaught) in January...
Since the Orion image I just posted was such a major project to process, I thought I should post my processing steps here for posterity, suggestions, or outright criticism. I definitely have room for improvement. Here is the initial image that consists of 3 stacked images to help average out...
One of the images I shot on November 5, 2005 centered on the constellation Orion and a swath of the Winter Milky Way. I had intended to optimize it further and label it, but I've been putting it off. There were a number of gradients and intersecting color casts that...

January 7 Update

As you've probably noticed, things haven't been very busy in the realm of astronomy around here lately. Over the past month, I did manage to make 1 minor planet and 3 DSO observations. I've added them as follows: M50 M29 Asteroid 3 Juno NGC 869 and NGC 884 (The Double...

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