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Observation Notes: This was my first attempt at a lunar sketch. I had no idea what I was looking at until later. The largest crater at South is Grimaldi. The small but starkly lit crater north of Grimaldi is Lohrmann, followed by the large Hevelius with its distinct central...

Observing Report - 09.11.2004

Saturday night, 9/11/04, I had my first observing field trip. Every near-new-moon Saturday, the Coconino Astronomical Society has standing arrangements for observing at some sites around Flagstaff, weather permitting. I got in touch with Bill Ferris (the CAS point man) to see what the latest arrangements were. We ended up...

Observing Report - 09.05.2004

When I got started, I figured the moon would be interesting to check out from time to time, but my main interest lay in DSOs, planets and comets. So the past week of bright moonlight was getting irritating. Reading some comments in the DSO and Lunar forums got me to...

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