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37.5X Telescopic sketch of Component C 37.5X Telescopic Sketch of Component B Move mouse over images to see labels. Observation Notes I was out at Cinder Hills Overlook this evening, sharing the cul-de-sac with Bill Ferris and Brent Archinal. The thin crescent of a 2 and a half day old...
Way back on November 5th and 6th, 2005 I shot a few images along the Winter Milky Way. This one was centered on the constellation Canis Major. Like the Orion Milky Way image, I put this one off due to processing issues. Since the shot goes right down to the...

Stargazing Glasses

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A couple months ago, I got around to testing some diopter flippers I borrowed from my optometrist. I was really REALLY impressed with the clarity they gave my naked-eye observing. I had the results of my test quickly digested into a set of stargazing glasses. I ended up requesting an...
Observation Notes This was a fantastic sight! The comet shared the view with brilliant, second magnitude Alpha Coronae Borealis. The nucleus still appeared stellar with a fan shaped tail blowing to the southwest. The tail seemed to trail about 38', distending an angle of about 45°. The brightest portion...

Ursa Minor

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Move mouse over sketch to see labels. Observation Notes: I wasn't planning on a naked eye constellation sketch this evening. But the sky was so fantastically clear, and my new astronomy glasses were doing such a great job, that I decided to see how deep I could go with...
Component C Component B Move mouse over upper image for labels. Observation Notes I finally got a chance to view this comet from a dark site. It almost seems unfair to compare this observation to what I saw from home. It was a real beauty. In addition to the darkness,...
Component C Component B Move mouse over upper image for labels. Observation Notes I was very happy to find the two brightest components of the comet tonight. While component C is tracked by my planetarium software, the rest aren't. However, a couple very helpful finder charts have been posted by...
Move mouse over upper image for labels. Observation Notes This was my first of what I hope will be many observations of this comet. I found it just east of Arcturus, and even from the less-than-ideal glare in front of my house, it was readily visible. It immediately portrayed...

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