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Positive Sketches of the Pleiades and BU536Click image to view larger version. Subject:Pleiades and BU536 Issue:February 2013 Astronomy Now Basic Media:Graphite on white stock Featured Technique:Observing and sketching at multiple magnifications: Naked Eye, Binocular, and Telescopic Suggested Sketching Materials: White sketch paper 2H and HB graphite pencils Blending stump Clipboard...
Article by Peter Grego Subject:Fireball Issue:January 2013 Astronomy Now Basic Media:Digital editing software Featured Technique:Capturing the spectacular view of a fireball Suggested Sketching Materials: Graphite pencil and white paper Digital editing software...
Article by Erika Rix Subject:Jupiter Issue:December 2012 Astronomy Now Basic Media:Graphite on white stock with digital color Featured Technique:Proportioning and shading details on Jupiter Suggested Sketching Materials: Clipboard with pre-printed Jupiter template on white acid-free paper Graphite pencil, white color pencil, and white vinyl eraser Blending stump and eraser shield...
There is impressive video coming out of Russia from a meteor airburst that shattered windows and injured hundreds. The entire object did not impact the ground at hypersonic speed—rather it disintegrated/exploded high in the atmosphere. These fearsome chunks of rock are all over the place out there—coincidentally, asteroid 2012 DA14...

Measuring Seeing and Transparency

A visitor to the site recently posted a question, asking what system I use to measure seeing and transparency. Currently, I use the Pickering Seeing Scale to describe deep-sky seeing conditions and use a Sky Quality Meter to measure sky brightness as a gauge of transparency. Seeing The Pickering Scale...

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