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Photograph of Winter Milky Way over Sunset Craterwith sketches of deep sky objects in the area. Move mouse over sketch above to see where each deep sky object resides.Click image for larger version. Click here for larger version without call-out lines.. . . . . Other Print Versions: Vertical...

Auriga Constellation

Observation Notes: Once some high cirrus clouds cleared out, Auriga materialized in detail as a pentagon shape. The northwest star, Capella, was the brightest, colored yellow-orange. El Nath, in the south, appeared cyan, while Menkalinan looked blue. The Milky Way's soft light flowed west-northwest to east-southeast along the southwestern...

Canis Major Constellation

Observation Notes: I think this constellation is awesome. So many bright stars in a small area, with Sirius piercing boldly at the top. Wezen showed an orange color. I apparently even picked out M41 naked eye. Not knowing the boundaries well, I picked up some stars from Columbia and...


Move mouse over sketch to see labels. Observation Notes: I just got back from an amazing trip to Maui a few days ago. Toward the end of our stay, we drove to the 10,000 ft. summit of Haleakala and watched the sun set. Toward the southwest, on the big...

Lepus Constellation

Observation Notes: From my vantage point at home, even though Lepus was at culmination, it was still hurting from haze and light pollution. The two middle stars in the "funnel" were the brightest. The rump of the rabbit was difficult to see. I wasn't able to pick out color...
Move mouse over image for labels. Click image for larger, unlabeled version. Observation Notes: Near the end of a great all-night observing session, the Milky Way was an impressive sight along the eastern horizon. I wanted to catch some of the dark nebulae in Ophiuchus, particularly the Pipe Nebula....

Orion Constellation

Observation Notes: This is my first naked eye constellation sketch. I had some trouble getting the angles on Orion's left arm correct. Clouds were brushing across, so I had to skip around while sketching. Betelgeuse was the one obvious bit of color--orange-red. The M42/M43 nebula region glowed softly in...
I can't remember the last time I picked up a paint brush to create something I found inspiring. It's been too many years, that's for sure. After a few years of creating technical illustrations of my observations, I've really gotten the urge to do something a bit more creative...

Ursa Minor

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Move mouse over sketch to see labels. Observation Notes: I wasn't planning on a naked eye constellation sketch this evening. But the sky was so fantastically clear, and my new astronomy glasses were doing such a great job, that I decided to see how deep I could go with...
Sketch of the Winter Milky Way (Auriga to Canis Major) Move mouse over image to view labelsClick for larger version. Observation Notes: From a true, dark sky, nothing can compare to a naked eye view of the Milky Way. During the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere, we face...

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