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Vallis Alpes

Observation Notes: The 7-day old moon is an extraordinary sight. There is so much to see on the terminator. I spent some time observing with Chris Yetman who called attention to brilliant Proclus, spattering white on the easter limb. Vallis Alpes was beautifully lit. It alternatively appeared as a...

Messier 48

Click image for larger version. The above sketch is an update to the original to clean it up and remove the color cast. The original is shown below. Observation Notes: M48 was a beautiful open cluster bounded by a distinct arc of stars. My first impression was of a field...

Messier 108

Observation Notes: My first low power view of M108 was a pleasant surprise as it shared the neighborhood with the round planetary nebula, M97. M108 is a strongly elongated galaxy, pointing east to west. The core region displayed a sturdy, rectangular bar that dropped off in brightness rather quickly,...

Messier 95

Observation Notes: This galaxy appears to be mostly circular, with a gradually increasing brightness toward center, with a stellar core. If anything, it may be slightly elongated east to west. Its width was about the same as the distance between two close stars to the west. Factoids: M95 is...

Jupiter - March 9, 2005

Observation Notes: In the midst of some exceptional dso viewing from the Cinder Hills Overlook at Sunset Crater National Monument, I happened upon a shadow transit across the face of Jupiter. The transiting moon turned out to be Io. I could not see Io itself, but the shadow was...

Jupiter - March 2, 2005

Observation Notes: This was my first official observation of Jupiter. It turns out to be a lot like observing a DSO--lots of time and averted vision. Part of that may be because planetary contrast is low in my scope, but the seeing was also horrible. After some concentration, I...

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