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Move mouse over upper image for labels.Background star field printed from Starry Night Pro Plus.Comet and M13 sketched as observed. This image shows the view after the coma had set behind Mt. Elden.Background star field printed from Starry Night Pro Plus.Comet and M13 sketched as observed. Observation Notes I...

NGC 2440

Observation Notes: This planetary nebula had a faint outer shell that appeared slightly elongated north-south. There was a brighter inner shill with what seemed to be a two-lobed structure that was aligned southeast to northwest. I didn't notice any color. Object Information NGC 654 was discovered by Friedrich Wilhelm...

NGC 1647

Observation Notes: I first noticed NGC 1647 between the horns of Taurus in a wide-field astro photo I shot of the area in November 2005. I've been meaning to observe and sketch it since then. At 37.5X magnification, the cluster appeared large, bright and sparse. Two colorful yellow and...

NGC 654

Observation Notes: This misty cluster shared the same low power field of view as NGC 663 to the south. At 120X, the cluster takes on a triangular shape with several doubles throughout. A bright star marks its southern apex. Of the 58 stars plotted in the sketch, 28 were...
Move mouse over upper image for labels. Click here for a large (51K) version of this sketch. Observation Notes This was a surprisingly beautiful comet! The coma was bright and strongly condensed. I did not detect a pseudo-nucleus however. The slender gauze of an ion tail flowed toward the...

Double Star Sketch Update

I haven't been able to get out for any observing recently. But I have been up to something. In case you hadn't noticed--and I know you have--I'm working on a double star project right now. In the process, I felt the need to come up with a consistent method for...

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