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M22, M74 & M77 Added

3 more previous observations have been entered: M22, M74, and M77....

Phoenix Observing, November 26, 2004

We drove down to Phoenix for the long weekend. I told my sisters I would bring the telescope down the next time we visited, so into the trunk it went. It's one of those packing items that requires breaking all your other travel needs into smaller packages to fit around...


So, as with any hobby that involves 'equipment', there's that temptation to get hung up on all the cool toys, right? And then take pictures of them all dolled up and arranged just so...Well, I'm not going to pretend that I don't breath-and-sleeve-shine my scope with a twinkle in my...

M29, M31, M32, M71, and M110 additions

I've added a few more legacy observations--M29, M31, M32, M71, and M110. The M31 entry is an addition to a previous observation....

Alphonsus and Arzachel Craters

Observation Notes: The weather and my schedule pretended to offer some cooperation for a lunar sketch tonight. It was pretty mild and only a few patches of clouds were blowing around to the SW. So I set up, drew a bead on the moon and saw that Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus...

M27 and M57 added

FYI, I've added a couple legacy observations--M27 and M57--to the site. Sorry folks, but don't expect great sketches with those two. They are from my hasty-pen period....

Clouds, rain, and logjams

Just so you don't think I've bailed on this site... I've been out of town on a couple trips lately and then there's been the clouds. And the drizzle. And the snow. And trust me, with the longstanding drought, I'm not complaining. In general. But it is a little discouraging...

Observation Logs and Sketching

Well, after a couple months of observing, and getting a feel for how I like to observe, make notes, and sketch, I set up a couple observation sheets that fit my style. I thought I'd show those here, so you can see how I make notes when I'm outside freezing...

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