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Lunar Eclipse - August 28, 2007

Click image for larger version of the photo. Setting my alarm for 2:30 in the morning offers a slim chance that I will actually wake up for it. This morning, I'm glad I did. In Arizona, today's Lunar Eclipse totality ran from about 2:52 to 4:22 am. It was...

ISS Flyby - August 23, 2007

I have continually been amazed by webcam photos that amateur astronomers have shot of the International Space Station and the Shuttle. I didn't figure it was something I was equipped to do, so I just admired from a distance. Well, yesterday I ran across a photo by an individual who...
On Sunday (AUG 19, 2007), Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-118) undocked from the International Space Station a few days ahead of schedule. This was to allow them to return from orbit before Hurricane Dean could threaten to depopulate Mission Control in Houston. One of the seven occupants of the Shuttle is...

NGC 6826 - The Blinking Planetary

Click image for larger version. Observation Notes: NGC 6826, also known as the Blinking Planetary, was pleasantly bright when I tracked it down at low power. It exhaled a blue-green color at all levels of magnification. At 240X, it displayed a shelled structure with an outer shell that appeared circular...

NGC 6866

Move mouse over sketch to view the impression this cluster left on me. Observation Notes: Passing high cirrus gave me grief during this observation. Giselle and some other kids in the neighborhood hollered as Perseid meteors streaked across the sky. After plotting 34 framework stars, I had to restart...

NGC 6910

Observation Notes: This is the first deep sky observation I've made from my home in a long time. I feel a debt to my observations and sketches to give deep sky objects the darkest sky I can find. But I'm finding fewer and fewer opportunities to pack up and...

Northern Arizona Observing Sites

I've been collecting photographs and information for several of the observing sites I've used or scouted around Flagstaff. My intention has been to eventually put together a list of Northern Arizona observing sites with detailed information, maps and photos of each. My inspiration has been the excellent Tucson area observing...

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