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Orion and Canis Major setting over Sunset Crater Click for larger image JAN 15, 2010 - 03:00 AM MST Canon EOS 300D + Kit Lens @ 21 mm • ISO 200 • f/4.5 Composite: 5 x 30 sec. aligned and stacked for sky + 5 min. foreground While observing...

Drawn to the Universe
FEB 2010 - Mars

Mars is making its closest approach of 2010 on January 27. The red planet can be challenging to observe, but sketching your observations will help you get the most from the view at the eyepiece. In the February issue of Astronomy Now, we cover methods you can use to sketch...
Sketch of Messier 42 and Messier 43 (Orion Nebula)Click image for larger version. Observation Notes: In my ongoing effort to refine my observation and sketches of M42/43, I made a new sketch on January 14. I used most of the previously sketched star field as a starting point so I...
Sketch of NGC 2244 (NGC 2239) and Sh 2-275 (Rosette Nebula)Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: If you find yourself at a dark site with Orion and Monoceros sprawled across the meridian, don't pass up this gorgeous showpiece of the winter sky. While at Sunset Crater National Monument,...

NGC 2169 and Struve 848

Sketch of NGC 2169 (The 37 Cluster) and Struve 848 Move mouse over image to view label.Click for larger version. Observation Notes So many old sketches, so little time--this one is over a year old. NGC 2169 really did look like an upside-down, angular #37. I plotted 19 stars...

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