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Gamma Velorum (Dunlop 65)

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Binocular Observation - February 26, 2007: Click above image for larger version (20K). I made this binocular observation from my front doorstep with moonlight strongly lighting up the field. The primary of Gamma Velorum was the brightest star in the murky view near the horizon, and gave off a blue...
Sketch update - April 28, 2007 I figured the binocular sketch I made of the comet and M13 a few months ago ought to be redrawn. It was done on plain laser printer paper, and which didn't handle the shading very well. Below is the new sketch, created on Strathmore...
Binocular Observation: February 22, 2007 Move mouse over sketch to see labels. Click image for larger version. The broad stretches of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies are a real treat telescopically, but what does it look like through binoculars? And not just any old astronomy-grade binoculars, but really crummy ones?...

Tau-1 Hydrae (HJ 1167)

Observation Notes: This double star presented an interesting color contrast compared to the actual spectra. The primary appeared pale yellow, with a fainter blue-gray companion. The primary is F6V, which is believable, but according to the 13th General Catalogue of MK Spectral Classification (Buscombe 1998), the secondary is a...

NGC 3166 and 3169

NGC 3166 lies to the west and NGC 3169 to the east.Click above image for larger version. Observation Notes: After tracking down NGC 3090, I headed for this beautiful pair. Under less than ideal conditions, general elongation and structure were difficult to discern. The view was still stunning as the...

NGC 3090

Observation Notes: After hunting for a variety of challenging objects in the constellation Sextans and coming up empty-handed on several counts, I finally settled upon this diminutive puff. NGC 3090 showed up about 30 arcseconds from a prominent star. This galaxy resides in the midst of a cluster of...

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