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I was going through my astronomy log book and ran across a couple observations I made back in March that never got plugged in here. Because this site is chronological, I need to link you to them: M48 Vallis Alpes Thanks for stopping by....

Observation Report - May 7, 2005

Last Saturday, a friend of mine, Michael Poppre, drove up from Phoenix to do some high altitude star watching. He brought his 150 mm reflector, a nice collection of eyepieces, and a healthy fear of Circle-K hot dogs. After loading up my gear, I replayed a routine I picked up...
Even though I've been sketching my whole life, my recent experience with sketching at the eyepiece has introduced me to a new set of interesting challenges. The biggest issue issue is seeing your sketch area while not ruining your dark adaptation. I've got some info on sketch lighting here....

Sketching Tutorial - Page 2 of 3

Next I pick up a blending stump and scrub it in the dark patch to pick up enough graphite to paint in the light object. Before using the blending stump as-is, I'll usually test it out somewhere outside the circle to be sure it isn't too dark. If it...
Now comes the tidying up stage. If necessary, I'll break out an eraser and deal with any overzealous object boundaries, or to give a harder edge to an object that is too soft. Finally, I make sure I've marked in the remaining cardinal directions, and other details I feel...

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