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Above image is created with charcoal on a preprinted starfield from Starry Night Pro, and then inverted to a positive image. Click image for a larger version (92K) Above image is created with white Conté pencil on black paper with a pre-traced starfield from Starry Night Pro. Click image...
A few months ago, I put together a presentation called Sketching the Deep Sky that I delivered to the Coconino Astronomical Society. It covered the Why and How of astronomical sketching for deep sky objects, including two step-by-step tutorials. Over the last few months, I've made some improvements to it,...
Observation Notes A daylight comet observation! Really! It's strange to imagine observing a comet in broad daylight. But this McNaught is brilliant. Reports had been coming in for the last two or three days that observers were picking it up during the day. But the weather here had been...

C/2006 P1 (McNaught) - JAN 11, 2007

Observation Notes On the slight chance the weather would cooperate, I headed up to breezy, freezy, Switzer Mesa again this evening. Clouds were nestled stubbornly along the western horizon, but very slender gaps were slowly migrating through them. So I sat inside the warm car, got my 10 x...
Observation Notes A couple unsuccessful attempts to view this comet from home at sunrise and sunset the last couple days, lead me to drive up to Switzer Mesa after work today for a better horizon. Finding the comet was not easy in the sherbet orange twilight. I scanned the...

Site Update

I regret that I haven't had any new observations to post recently. I have, however, been putting a lot of work into the structure of the site. I'm a print-media designer by trade, not a web designer. So I knew there were probably a lot of inefficiencies and poor choices...

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