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Iota Leonis (Struve 1536)

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Sketch of Iota Leonis (Struve 1536)Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: Iota Leonis was ridiculously difficult in poor seeing--only resolving for moments as a dim fuzzball that was fainter than the primary's flickering diffraction pattern. They both appeared colorless. Smyth saw pale yellow and light blue while Hartung...

Struve 1575

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Sketch of Struve 1575Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: This attractive yellow-orange and blue-gray double (K0/F5V) was recorded as white/white by Phillips and orange/white by Harshaw. SubjectStruve 1575 (STF 1575; ADS 8327) ClassificationDouble Star Position (J2000)*Leo [RA: 11 51 57.6 / Dec: +08 49 48] Position AngleAB: 211°...

AG 342 (TYC1978-179-1&2)

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Sketch of AG 342Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: AG 342 is an orange-yellow/dull-orange pair, located at the thruster end of a star-destroyer asterism. The diffraction pattern was faint and difficult to pin down. This is a high proper motion pair (190 mas/yr) of K3V stars. SubjectAG 342...
Sketch of NGC 6888Click image to view larger version. Subject:NGC 6888 Issue:August 2011 Astronomy Now Basic Media:White charcoal on black stock Featured Technique:Following Scott Mellish's technique to apply white charcoal powder using paint brushes to create subtle nebulosity. Suggested Sketching Materials: Smooth, black cardstock such as Daler-Rowney Canford White charcoal...
Mare NectarisClick image to view larger version. Subject:Mare Nectaris Issue:July 2011 Astronomy Now Basic Media:Charcoal on white stock Featured Technique:Sketching a broad lunar region by shading a base layer of charcoal and then adding charcoal or subtracting with erasers to refine details. Suggested Sketching Materials: Acid free sketch paper Charcoal...
H-Alpha Sketch of SunClick image to view larger version. Subject:H-Alpha Sun Issue:June 2011 Astronomy Now Basic Media:Graphite and erasers white stock Featured Technique:Preparing an H-Alpha Solar Sketch that captures surface features and prominences along the limb. Suggested Sketching Materials: Clipboard and acid-free drawing paper HB and 2H graphite pencils Charcoal...

88 Leonis (Struve 1547)

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Sketch of 88 Leonis / Struve 1547Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: 88 Leonis is a high proper motion pair (378 mas/yr) with a coppery orange primary next to a colorless secondary. Sissy Haas sees it as bright white paired with a tiny speck. Smyth saw topaz yellow...
Sketch of Tau and 83 Leonis / Struve-A 19 and Struve 1540Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: This striking double double consists of widely spaced, colorful Tau Leonis (orange-yellow and blue) and 83 Leonis (yellow and red-orange). Subject Tau Leonis (84 LEO / Struve-A 19 / STFA 19)...

Tau Leonis (Struve-A 19)

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Sketch of Tau Leonis / Struve-A 19Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: I saw this widely spaced, colorful double as Orange-yellow and blue. Despite a G8 primary and G5 secondary, other observers also pick up the blue color contrast in the companion: 33 Doubles - Tau LEO. Sissy...

83 Leonis (Struve 1540)

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Sketch of 83 Leonis / Struve 1540Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: This yellow and red-orange pair consists of a G7V primary and K4V secondary. Sissy Haas sees them as yellow-white and gray. They make a striking, low-power, double-double with nearby Tau Leonis. Subject83 Leonis (Struve 1540 /...

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