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Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes: This amazing galaxy pair deserves much more attention than I gave it nearly 4 years ago. This time, I had the benefit of my 8" Dob and Pentax 10XW to help improve the view from the dark sky at Sunset Crater National...
Subject:Messier 51 (NGC 5194/5195) Issue:April 2009 Astronomy Now Basic Media:Graphite on white paper Featured Technique:Use of blending stump and kneaded eraser (putty rubber) to build progressively fainter details in a sketch. Suggested Materials: Strathmore 80# drawing paper 2H and HB drafting pencils Blending stump White plastic eraser Kneaded eraser...
You may have noticed I suddenly stopped sketching comet Lulin. I got jackhammered by some sort of cold/flu/fever/virus thing last week and have just had to imagine the comet dwindling away outside my front door. Probably for the best I guess. Lulin could have easily pulled a 'comet Holmes' on...

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