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A Tendril of Stars

While going over the Milky Way image I just finished processing, my eye kept being drawn to a rope of stars peeling away from the Great Rift in Serpens Cauda, through IC 4665 in Ophiuchus, and on up into Hercules. I think this subtle tentacle of stars is probably emphasized...

Messier 73

Observation Notes: This asterism was hard to find. I had to find M72 first, and then move east. It was much smaller and dimmer than I expected--it's 4 stars after all. The 2 stars on the east end are the brightest. The westernmost star is the dimmest. Factoids: This...
Click image to view larger version. Observation Notes This stunning group of open clusters and brilliant field stars was first pointed out to me a few years ago by Brent Archinal during my first dark sky observing trip at Anderson Mesa. He called it "The False Comet" while circling it...

NGC 6712 and Arrow Asterism

Sketch of NGC 6712 and Arrow Asterism - 37.5XClick image for larger version. Sketch of NGC 6712 - 120X and 240XClick image for larger version. Observation Notes: This fascinating globular cluster lies in a rich Milky Way field. Through 15 x 70 binoculars, it can be seen as a faintly...

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