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Move mouse over upper image for labels. Observation Notes This observation of C/2006 A1 Pojmanski came at the end of an all-night observing session at Anderson Mesa. Because it was going to be fencing with the rising sun, I needed to catch it as close to the horizon as...
Move mouse over image for labels. Click image for larger, unlabeled version. Observation Notes: Near the end of a great all-night observing session, the Milky Way was an impressive sight along the eastern horizon. I wanted to catch some of the dark nebulae in Ophiuchus, particularly the Pipe Nebula....

Messier 109

Observation Notes: I didn't pick up a lot of detail in this galaxy. It displayed an elliptical shape with a strongly condensed core that almost looked double in nature, due to an overlapping foreground star. The galaxy was elongated west-southwest to east-northeast, with a core that seemed to push...

Messier 100 and SN 2006X

Move mouse over image for labels. Observation Notes: My search for Supernova 2006X, was a good opportunity to observe M100 as well. The galaxy was circular with a bold, condensed core. There was a hint of mottling in its outer stretches. The brightest portion appeared to extend northwest to...

Barnard 34

Observation Notes: Barnard 34 lies about 1.5 degrees west of M37. Compared to some others I tried to locate earlier, including Barnard 5, this one was easy to spot. For a dark nebula. It appeared as a very soft hole in the Milky Way starlight behind it. The main...

Observing Report - February 24/25, 2006

The Friday night/Saturday morning observing trip was excellent. I set off for this trip the most prepared I've been since I started doing this nocturnal activity. I'm going to say, right off the bat that all the extra cold-weather gear, especially the snowboard pants, snow boots, balaclava, chemical warmers and...

Planning a Major Observing Night

So, I'm still working on this big astro project. Which involves a lot of not-at-the-scope research and exposition. Which has been a bit of a bummer. But now, a major portion of it has come to a head and requires a field trip. Especially the hunt for dark nebulae...and a...

Orion Skyview Pro 6LT EQ Redux

Over the past year and a half, I've managed to get some great observing out of this 150mm newtonian. With the great skies around Flagstaff, I've been able to see some incredibly beautiful sights, and a healthy dose of next-to-nothing sights. My main complaint has been with the responsiveness of...

Visually Observable Comets for 2006

This past weekend I made a presentation to the CAS at Lowell Observatory about Visually Observable Comets for 2006. Preparing it turned out to be an excellent education for me in ways I hadn't expected. I wanted to generate ideal observing times and animations of the paths of C/2005 E2...

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