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A first light celebration for the Discovery Channel Telescope was held Saturday night (July 21, 2012). The company I work for is a sponsor of Lowell Observatory and I was one of the four people representing us there. The special treat of the night was that Neil Armstrong would be...

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If you are a Pinterest user, I've added Pin It buttons to the site. Feel free to pin away. My only request is to please keep the return links intact. Many thanks to Blake McCreary for providing the perfect javascript button for the job (it would have been unmanageable to...
The 2006 sketch has gotten a lot of mileage and I really needed to re-observe, redraw and measure the double double. I had some confusion when comparing my measurements with the WDS later. I measured 172 degrees PA for AB-CD. However, the WDS listed 182 degrees for 2010 and...

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