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AUG 2009 - NGC 6940

The August issue of Astronomy Now is available. The rich, open cluster NGC 6940 is featured in this column where we take a look at basic methods for scanning and inverting your black on white sketches to convert them to white on black positives.

Subject:NGC 6940
Issue:August 2009 Astronomy Now
Basic Media:Charcoal and graphite on artist grade paper.
Suggested Materials:
  • White artist grade stock
  • Charcoal pencil
  • HB and 2H graphite pencils
  • Artist's chamois
  • Blending Stump
  • Clipboard and adjustable red light
  • Computer
  • Scanner or Digital Camera
  • Image editing software such as
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Photoshop Elements
    • Paintshop Pro
    • GIMP - Free!
Positive Sketch of NGC 6940

Inverted, Positive Sketch of NGC 6940

Click image to view larger version.

Negative Sketch of NGC 6940

Original Negative Sketch of NGC 6940

Click image to view larger version.

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