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If you've been keeping up with Astronomy Now over the last few months, you've probably noticed that Peter Grego contributed two articles on sketching techniques for Jupiter and its moons. And now in the new December issue you will find an article by Erika Rix on lunar crater sketching.

I'm excited that they have both joined in to add their expertise to these and future articles. They will bring some great, new perspectives to the column, and a much appreciated raising of the bar on techniques for planetary, lunar and solar sketching. I hope you enjoy and learn from their contributions as much as I do!

If you haven't subscribed or picked up a copy of Astronomy Now before, they have made a free copy of the January 2011 issue available for download here: Astronomy Now Online (Click the link in the right column that says "Free PDF") Be sure to check it out!

September 2011
Full Disc Sketch of Jupiter by Peter Grego

October 2011
Sketch of Jupiter and Galilean Moons by Peter Grego

December 2011
Charcoal Sketch of Lunar Crater Eratosthenes by Erika Rix

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