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APR 2010 - Markarian's Chain

Inverted, Positive Sketch of Markarian's Chain

Inverted, Positive Sketch of Markarian's Chain

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Original Pencil Sketch of Markarian's Chain

Original Pencil Sketch of Markarian's Chain

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Markarian's Chain is overflowing with galactic treasures and is the subject of the April 2010 column.

Subject:Markarian's Chain
Issue:April 2010 Astronomy Now
Basic Media:Graphite on White Paper
Featured Technique:Pre-plotting a stellar framework using an atlas or planetarium software, then sketching galaxies and fainter stars across multiple telescopic fields.
Suggested Materials:
  • Atlas or planetarium software
  • White artist grade paper
  • 2H and HB Graphite Pencils
  • Clipboard and portable observing light


Great image! That is some mighty similar framing. :)

(I appreciate the fact that you orient North-up.) Thanks for posting the link!


Jeremy, your work on the Markarian's Chain is superb. It's always a great pleasure to visit your site.


Marco, thanks. That patch of sky made for a very rewarding observation.

Just out standing Jeremy. Breath taking.
Great job!!

Thanks Lynn, I'm glad you like it. :)


Though the invert image is fantastic, I have to say I really like looking at the original sketch. Amazing on both accounts.

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