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MAY 2010 - Messier 101

Inverted, Positive Sketch of Messier 101

Inverted, Positive Sketch of Messier 101

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Original Pencil Sketch of Messier 101

Original Pencil Sketch of Messier 101

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From a dark site, Messier 101 rewards determined observation with spiral structure and embedded H II regions.

Subject:Messier 101
Issue:May 2010 Astronomy Now
Basic Media:Graphite on White Paper
Featured Technique:Building up increasing levels of detail from large to small. Comparing extended and stellar details in the sketch to a chart to identify H II regions in a galaxy.
Suggested Materials:
  • White acid-free drawing paper
  • 2H and HB Graphite Pencils
  • White vinyl eraser and putty rubber
  • Blending stump, artist's chamois, sanding block
  • Clipboard and portable observing light

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