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I am in the process of upgrading, adding and moving photos to my new photo gallery.

Click Here for New Astronomy Photo Gallery

I believe the new gallery will eventually do a better job displaying and navigating photos.

Apart from the planet section, photos in each section are listed in chronological order with the most recent first. Click the thumbnail title to go to the observation report. Click the image thumbnail to go to the full-size image.

Wide Field





Deep Sky

Artificial Satellites and Space Travel


Updated SEP 27, 2009


Love your site and am enjoying the photos hope all is well with the four of you,,,

Awesome phtography, Jeremy, not just in terms of the technical aspects but also the composition as well. Your decision as to "what to shoot" reveals real talent.

Hi Curt, thanks! There is so much that is awesome and beautiful up there, it just begs to be captured and appreciated.


that is cool

I'm Gaetano from Italy.
I'm an astronomy amateur and i love your sketches.My telescope is orion newton 6"
I'm learning to draw with you Astronomical Sketching Resources.
Many thanks for you webpages.
Good Starry Nights.

Hello Gaetano,

I'm glad the links and tutorials have been helpful! Thanks very much for the compliment. I hope you enjoy sketching what you see, and that it helps you see more.

Clear skies,

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everything else non-astronomy

Pin at will!

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